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Christmas Message

By  Rey Angeles

Christmas is for families.


It is a time to remember how important they are in our lives, what we can do for them and how we can contribute to the family’s unity and harmony.


How important is our family to our lives?


Our family is our source of inspiration, source of motivation to become even better and source of action to start executing our dreams.


The first Christmas has its own motivation and inspiration. Why did the Lord become man and suffer the birthplace of a cave, a manger and animals as companions?


The Lord did it for us. Out of love and generosity. And to give us hope.


And He did it as a family with Mama Mary as the mother and Joseph as the protector and provider. The shepherd came around to serve as witnesses. And He did it because He wanted all of us to be members of His bigger family across time and space.


This is why Christmas is for families.


For you, for me and for all of us EverFirst and Multi-Line. In Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


Let us carry on what the Lord has started in the first Christmas and spread the good news to all the members of our family!


Have a happy Christmas with your families!


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