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Cultivating lasting partnerships: The 10 Commandments of Sales for Architects and Specifiers

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

Mr. Aurelio O. Angeles, President of Multi-Line Group of Companies, recognized the growing community of architects and specifiers in the country. He devised a strategic approach to engage with architects and specifiers and foster a mutually beneficial relationship, considering their part in approving Multi-Line’s products and specifications for their projects.


Outlined below are the 10 Commandments for the Regular Functions of Sales and Promotions Personnel in Establishing and Promoting Relations with Architects and Specifiers, designed not only to enhance relationship but also to elevate Multi-Line’s presence within this community:

The goal of these commandments is not only to contribute to the success of architects and specifiers in their professional endeavors but also to foster an environment that drives Multi-Line’s sales to new heights. By embracing these principles, Multi-Line seeks to strengthen its position as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of architectural innovation.

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