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EverFirst Approving Supervisors

By Krizia Mae Oliva

Last August 1, 2023, Diomedes Romasanta and Allen Baligad were promoted as Supervisors of EverFirst’s Approving Department. They will be responsible for leading their teams in assessing and reviewing loan applications and signing of check for loan releases. They both report to Manolito Lungay, the Approving Head.

Romasanta was hired last September 1, 2000 and has been with the company for almost 23 years. He graduated from Far Eastern University.


According to his teammates, he is a trust-worthy and competitive individual deserving of the promotion he received. He said that his qualifications and experience during his tenure as Approving Officer were his greatest advantage. He is very driven to lead his team to success and focuses on the professional development of his teammates, identifying areas where they can expand their skills or acquire new knowledge relevant to their role. But beyond this capable and accomplished image of Romasanta is his soft and creative side. He finds cooking and baking cakes enjoyable and fulfilling to do during his free time.

Baligad was hired last on November 5, 2013. He proved himself competent during his 9 years and 7 months stay in the company, starting off as a Loan Processor for 5 years before transferring as an Approving Officer, and now being promoted as Supervisor. He is adored by operations and other departments because of the quality and fast processing of loans.  According to him, his goal is to equip his teammates by sharing his knowledge and best practices which he learned from his experiences. His goal is for his team to process all loan applications for the day without pending. For him, his biggest strength is his heart to serve the branches assigned to him better, faster and at less cost. During his free time, Baligad loves to watch anime and read comics. He is also fondness for of roosters, which he takes care of during his leisure time. 


Congratulations to both of you! The whole Multi-Line group celebrates and wishes you success in your careers.

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