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Unlocking one’s potential

By Rina Cruz

For some individuals, success can take various forms, such as a salary increase, a performance bonus, a certificate of achievement or even a job promotion. Mr. Cyrus Balubar of Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc. (MBI) has recently achieved the latter. Effective June 1, 2023, he was promoted to the position of OIC Accounting Supervisor, specifically for the Accounts Receivable section. His journey at MBI begun when he joined the company on October 19, 2022 as an Accounting Assistant, handling the inventory function. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management Accounting from the University of the East, which he completed in 2006.

Having previously worked in the accounting field in various industries, Cyrus will undoubtedly contribute a lot in the company. When asked about his motivation for pursuing a supervisory position, he said, “I want to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges.”


To increase his productivity and success in his chosen career path, Cyrus has devised a training plan for himself. This plan involves a series of steps on how to acquire a better understanding of the key aspects of his new role. He made sure to have one-on-one walkthrough sessions with all his subordinates to familiarize himself with their individual tasks. He said, “I want to know their strengths and to work on their weaknesses so I can help them grow as valuable assets of the company.”

As the newly appointed OIC Accounting Supervisor, Cyrus shall work closely with Mr. Ronel Pida, the Chief Accountant, in implementing internal control policies and procedures. He shall also be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of payment orders, check vouchers, summary of closed contracts, general ledger and subsidiary ledger balances of Accounts Receivable accounts, and other relevant reports.


Undeniably, Cyrus’s new role offers great challenges, but it will definitely contribute to his personal and professional growth as both an individual and a leader. Congratulations on your promotion!


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