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Multi-Line Group appoints two new Approving Officers

By Atty. William Ay-Ay, CPA

Multi-Line Group has recently announced the appointment of two employees as approving officers, signaling the organization’s commitment to continued growth and operational excellence. Marie Rose Euden and Margarita Vinuya, both seasoned employees within the company, have assumed their new roles with a shared vision of streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, financial oversight, and contributing to the overall success of Multi-Line.

Marie Rose Euden was previously a member of the Contract Management Group (CMG). Drawing comprehensive understanding of the company’s processes and policies, Marie is well-prepared to take on her new responsibility as an approving officer. She aims to leverage her expertise to enhance efficiency and foster continual improvement within Multi-Line.


Margarita Vinuya brings a wealth of experience to her new position as an approving officer, having held various roles within Multi-Line Group. With a background encompassing positions such as Payroll Officer, Credit and Collection Assistant, Approving Officer, Area Supervisor, District Manager, and even overseeing the Training Department of EF, Margie has gained a diverse skill set that will prove invaluable in her current role. She credits her participation in the Enculturation Seminar, which emphasized a positive attitude and paradigm shifting, as instrumental in preparing her for this new responsibility.

As they embark on their new positions, Rose and Margie foresee challenges and opportunities lying ahead. Rose recognizes the need to address guidelines concerning check payees, while Margie plans to engage in collaborative efforts with other departments and teams to facilitate effective decision-making and smooth operations.

With their respective goals set on enhancing process efficiency, minimizing waste and fraud, and optimizing financial resources, Rose and Margie are committed to adapt to their responsibilities and decision-making authority. They emphasize the importance of embodying leadership qualities such as courage, integrity, problem-solving skills, vision, and action.

Multi-Line Group anticipates that their combined expertise and dedication to driving success will undoubtedly contribute to Multi-Line’s continued growth and operational excellence.

Way ahead Rose and Margie!

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