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Manolito Lungay - The new Department Head of Approving and Signatory Department

By Kimberly Tianzon

EverFirst Loans Corporation is a lending corporation in which the largest portion of its sales comes from the loans granted to various clients from all branches. Each client goes through an immense screening and process before being granted a loan to ensure they are truly qualified to avail one. This very important task is now the responsibility of the new Approving and Signatory Department Head, Mr. Manolito Lungay.

Lito as everyone calls him, has been with the company since 2002. He has been with the company for the past 21 years, making him undoubtedly the most experienced one.


Lito first started as a Rider of the Novaliches branch (2002 to 2004) and Olongapo branch (2004 to 2010). He was promoted as a Loan Processor of Tungko branch from 2010 to 2011, and later became its Branch Head OIC from 2011-2012. After a decade in the company, he became the Branch Head of three more branches, namely Paliparan, Dasmariñas and Valenzuela. He spent almost a year in the first two branches and another year on the latter. Opportunity knocked, and a seat for an Approving officer needed to be filled. He took the leap and applied for the position to which he succeeded. Since then, he has dedicated a great sense of service being an Approving Officer in that department for almost nine years.

Fast forward to today, Lito is now the new Approving and Signatory Department Head. He believes that his journey of almost 21 years in the company has given him an insurmountable amount of experiences and has equipped him with enough knowledge and skills to run an entire department gaining the trust of the management. In addition to that, he believes that there is something in him and his character which the management saw that led them to the decision of choosing him. But whatever the reason is, he’ll continue to do his utmost best to fulfill every duty and responsibility assigned to him. As the new head, he’s ready to pass on to his people all the knowledge, skills and experiences that he has gained over the past 21 years to awaken and strengthen their competitiveness.


Handling an entire department is truly hard and puts a lot of pressure on Lito, but the trust given to him by the management as well as his experiences, gave him enough confidence and strength to live through such pressure and carry out all the tasks that this new position requires.


Lito is a living proof that nothing is impossible if you work hard on it. It does not matter if you’re now at the bottom of the organizational chart. You can always work your way up with confidence, courage, hard work, loyalty and commitment.


Congratulations on your promotion!

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