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Going beyond the limit

By Rina Cruz

In this world full of competitive individuals, one’s recognition is not solely based how well they present themselves, but rather on their ability to deliver good results.

Mark Joseph Jabat, a Product Sales Consultant of Multi-Line Structures Corporation, has courageously accepted the challenge to upgrade his monthly sales quota from P1.50M to P2.20M starting June 1, 2023.


As known by his colleagues, Mark is jolly and passionate. Since he is the type of a person whom everyone enjoys talking with, he used this as his advantage to close multiple contracts with his clients. Remember, each deal closed is not just a transaction but a step towards building long-term relationships and making a great impact to the clients’ businesses.


“I have this confidence and strong belief that my passion for what I do may lead me to more positive results… The first thing that I always do is focus on the immediate demands of our products. Next is having this proactive approach to those areas with opportunities to enter a new market,” he answered when asked on the strategies he used to close deals with clients.5

He also added, “My most favorite part of my job is interacting with customers and being able to deliver good customer service with better satisfaction.”


Truly, he has mastered the art of closing deals. Keep up the good work, Mark! We wish you more sales in the coming months.

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