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The new writers of Scriptum

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

“Scriptum” is the official newsletter of Multi-Line Group of Companies. It features news from Multi-Line and highlights achievements and performing employees. In line with this, Scriptum is looking for volunteers who are interested in contributing their writing skills and becoming contributors for the newsletter.

With this, three new writers are ready to be part of the Scriptum team. They are Ms. Fauline Go, HR Assistant of EverFirst Loans Corporation; Ms. Jonalyn Garcia, Treasury Assistant of EverFirst Loans Corporation and; Atty. Willian Ay-Ay, Legal and Audit Manager of Filipinas Multi-Line Corp.


In an interview, they shared their thoughts about being a new member of the Scriptum team: “I am thankful for the trust and privilege to be part of Scriptum again. I want to contribute substantial writings that will make the team more interesting to all employees of EverFirst and Multi-Line,” Ms. Go said.


“I feel delighted at first but later on felt pressured since I’m still new in the company, I had a second thought that maybe I won’t be able to handle the task both as a Treasury Assistant and Scriptum member. But despite the doubt, I want to contribute and share my knowledge and skills acquired during my education here in Scriptum,” Ms. Garcia said.

“I am truly honored to finally be a part of the Scriptum team. I have long desired to voluntarily join the team, and I patiently awaited the perfect opportunity. When a knock came at the door, I eagerly swung it wide open. I am eagerly anticipating to write captivating and inspiring articles that leave a lasting impression on readers’ hearts, not just being published, but also creating a profound impact,” Mr. Ay-ay said.


The Scriptum team warmly welcomes you all!

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