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Securing success: Rizza’s unexpected closed contract

By Atty. William Ay-Ay

In the realm of sales, a closed contract often signifies not just a business triumph but also a testament to an individual’s dedication and skill. Rizzabeth Dizon, a Product Sales Consultant from MSC, has recently achieved another remarkable milestone in her career by securing a closed contract she never expected. With only less than a year of sales experience under her belt, Rizza’s achievement stands as a testament to her willingness to learn and unwavering commitment.

The contract in question revolves around an exquisite Residential Complex located in Canaoay, San Fernando, La Union. This lumpsum project, divided into four phases, is valued at over 3 million, consisting of MSC’s sandstone with a woodshake profile in a captivating coffee black color.


Closing a deal of this magnitude demands strategic finesse, and Rizza rose to the challenge admirably when her boss endorsed the interior designer of this project. Navigating the complexities of the project with confidence, she soon realized that her main client was one of the very important political icon in Philippines.


In parting, Rizza offers words of wisdom and encouragement to aspiring sales professionals: “Face your fears, learn to listen, and strive harder, for tomorrow is a brand-new day.” Her journey stands as an inspiration to all, reminding us that with the right attitude and unwavering dedication, we can achieve remarkable heights.

With more exciting projects on the horizon, congratulations to Rizza on her well-deserved success!

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