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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

From Typist to Supervisor

By Rina Cruz

More than twelve years ago, Mardine Sabandal began working at Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc. as a Typist. In just six months, she demonstrated her dedication and skills, leading to her transition to a regular employee and her advancement to CMG Assistant. As she commemorates her 12th year with the company, a new chapter unfolds as she steps into the role of OIC CMG Supervisor, commencing on September 1, 2023.

Recalling her experience with the company, Mardine shared, “I really enjoy my work here at Multi-Line. The strong support of my colleagues has been a big part of my journey.” Looking ahead, she envisions herself continuing with the company and aiming for an even higher position in the next five years.


Mardine’s colleagues recognize her for her strong personality, which she leverages as an asset in competently accomplishing her tasks. She is resolutely committed to adhering to the company’s policies in all her interactions, irrespective of the parties involved.


In her new role, Mardine will report directly to Ms. Regina Norma Tengco, the Supply Chain Manager. She will receive specialized training to aid her success in her new position, supported by fellow department heads. 

While this path might present challenges, it also offers her the opportunity to grow and make more informed decisions, both at work and in her personal life.


Beyond work, Mardine finds solace in caring for the pet cats she and her brother own, adding a touch of warmth and kindness to her busy life.

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