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Regina Angeles Tengco: Leading Multi-Line Group's Supply Chain Management

By: Atty. William Ay-Ay, CPA

In a strategic move to optimize its supply chain operations, Multi-Line Group has appointed Ms. Regina Angeles Tengco as its new Supply Chain Manager. Ms. Tengco’s exceptional journey within the conglomerate, combined with her vision for innovation, marks a promising chapter in the company’s pursuit of excellence.

Having joined the Multi-Line Group’s family in 2008 as Marketing Manager at Everfirst Loans Corporation, Ms. Tengco’s trajectory within the company has been marked by pivotal roles. She brought her financial acumen to the forefront as Finance Manager, advanced further as AVP for Finance, and even stepped back into a marketing role in 2021.


Upon assuming her current role, Ms. Tengco candidly shared that supply chain management wasn’t her initial path of choice. Yet, her unwavering commitment to the company’s success led her to embrace this responsibility as a duty and a catalyst for growth.


In her new role, Ms. Tengco spearheads four critical dimensions: supplier relationship management, inventory control, logistics and distribution, and cost control and efficiency. She aims to infuse technology-driven solutions into the company’s warehousing operations, exemplified by the recent adoption of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for their newly acquired warehouse in Mindanao Avenue.

Collaboration stands at the heart of Ms. Tengco’s approach. She underscores the necessity of clear objectives, transparent communication, and harmonious teamwork among various departments including Sales, PID, Accounting, Finance, Treasury, Marketing, and IT.

With an emphasis on servant leadership, Ms. Tengco is poised to leverage her extensive experience and skills to foster growth within her team. Her proactive problem-solving mindset, honed through diverse roles, enables her to identify optimization opportunities across the supply chain.

Ms. Tengco’s appointment not only underscores Multi-Line Group’s commitment to innovation but also signals a transformational phase for their supply chain operations. With her at the helm, the company is poised to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and elevate its overall operational efficiency.

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