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Marco Angeles as the new Sales Manager of WorldCraft

By Kimberly Tianzon

WorldCaft was born last March 2020 at the time when the world received a shocking news about an outbreak that would later paralyze every country’s economy and crush every people’s hopes and dreams.

During this so-called pandemic, some businesses declared bankruptcy, and the employment rate dropped significantly. Employees could no longer commute to work daily due to transportation issues caused by the imposition of various lockdowns across regions. Multi-Line employees were no exception. Therefore, the company had to seek alternatives, and that’s when WorldCraft was introduced. Through the company’s Self-Help Program, employees were permitted to sell WorldCraft products from the comfort of their homes, providing them with extra income.


Over the past three years, WorldCraft’s sales, inventory, and the number of resellers has grown exponentially. Now that its products have reached nearly every corner of the Philippines, spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the company is in need of individuals who can focus on its sales and operations, propelling its growth for the years to come.

On July 21, 2023, Marco Antonio Pedro Angeles became the new Sales Manager of WorldCraft. With its continuous growth, it surely needs the hands of an expert to lead its Products Sales Consultants, dealers and resellers, and to oversee its day-to-day sales operation. And no one other than Marco perfectly fits the role.


Having someone with a brilliant mind and a committed soul like Marco on board assures that WorldCraft is in capable hands. Marco has already proven his capabilities over the past 24 years, having been with Multi-Line since May 18, 1999. His recent experience as a Procurement Manager, from August 2016 until his transfer in July 2023, has helped him expand his knowledge and strategies in the buy-and-sell industry to which WorldCraft belongs. While sales and procurement have distinct purposes, they are connected by the fact that both play a role in fulfilling customer needs or orders.


Being a Sales Manager presents a significant challenge, as the Sales Department encompasses the core value of the entire business. Without sales, a business cannot thrive. However, Marco is said to possess exceptional skills and expertise to ensure WorldCraft’s sustained operation in the years to come.


We hope nothing but success to Marco’s new endeavor. Congratulations Sir!

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