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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

AOA's 75th birthday celebration

By Francis Kenneth Billones

On the morning of October 13, 2023, the 4th floor of the Calderon Building was filled with happiness, warmth, laughter, and genuine celebration as colleagues, friends, and family came together to mark a very special occasion – the 75th birthday of Multi-Line’s distinguished President, Aurelio “AOA” O. Angeles. This was more than just a birthday party; it was a heartfelt tribute to the man whose leadership has been the foundation of the company’s success through the years and the years to come. 

A Nostalgic Journey


Before the surprise birthday program, a selected group embarked on a sentimental journey to where it all began. AOA, along with his cherished wife, Mrs. Bee Angeles, Mr. Lito Viola, Ms. Francesca Crisostomo, and Mr. Sammy-Rowell Pablo, visited the place where Multi-Line’s story unfolded – the 30 sq. meter office, now the Treasury Department. In this very room, the roots of Multi-Line were nurtured.


As they entered the room, a rush of memories flooded their minds. In the early days, it was here when they were just three dedicated individuals working closely together. Ms. Grace Dimaculangan, a 19-yr old secretary, sat just behind the door, warmly welcoming and entertaining customers with her friendly demeanor. It was a touching tribute to the company’s beginnings, the relationships formed, and the dedication that laid the foundation for Multi-Line’s success.

A Surprise Program

The morning’s big surprise program was put together with great care, and it was a bit of a secret, though AOA had a feeling something was up until Ms. Luz Gastilo, who is in charge of the program, asked him what time he would arrive in the head office. It was clear that this event was eagerly awaited, and it conveyed a deep sense of gratitude and admiration for the man we were celebrating.


The hosts of the program were a pair of funny gentlemen, Mr. Luisito Valenzuela and Mr. Edgardo Rivera, who kept everyone laughing with their great sense of humor. They added a light and enjoyable touch to the celebration. 

A Musical Tribute


Incorporating artistry into the celebration, a special rap song was composed and presented by the talented Mr. Kerbie Peñones. The song, full of emotion and rhythm, captured the essence of AOA’s principles and celebrated his unparalleled contributions to Multi-Line and EverFirst.


TikTok-Style Birthday Greetings

Keeping in step with the digital age, Multi-Line Group’s operating units and departments, extended their birthday greetings in entertaining TikTok-style video messages. The creative and heartfelt videos conveyed the unity and appreciation that runs deep within the company.


Warm Wishes from the Past

Former Multi-Line employees and friends from the industry also stepped forward to convey their birthday wishes. Mr. Arnel Mallari, Ms. Jeraldine Padayao, Ms. Irish Pacada, Ms. Janet Colon, Mr. Daryl Samon, Mr. Florian Remolino, and Ar. Richard Garcia, United Architects of the Philippines National President, expressed their admiration for AOA and their appreciation for his mentorship and leadership.


Messages of Love from Family

The family segment was a deeply emotional and touching part of the celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Angeles (through video greeting), Mr. Bernard Angeles, Ms. Francesca Crisostomo (on behalf of Mr. Regina Tengco), and Mr. Marco Angeles delivered heartfelt messages, expressing their love and appreciation for their father and leader.


A particularly moving moment was when Mrs. Bee Angeles graced the stage. In a heartfelt and melodious manner, she greeted her husband with a few lines from the iconic song “Ewan” by APO Hiking Society. The lines of the song, “Mahal kita mahal kita, Hindi ‘to bola. Ngumiti ka man lang sana, Ako’y nasa langit na. Mahal kita mahal kita, Hindi ‘to bola. Sumagot ka naman ‘wag lang ewan” was a poignant gesture, underscoring the depth of their bond and the incredible journey they’ve shared.


A Gift of 75 Whispers

A unique and thoughtful gift was presented to AOA – “75 Whispers in a Jar.” Jokingly, he remarked that he would personally check each message to see who had employed artificial intelligence for their greetings, bringing a touch of humor to all attendees.

In his concluding words, AOA shared a powerful message that underlined his life and leadership. He emphasized the significance of Ambisyon, Bisyon, Sakripisyon, and Komisyon. These words represented a journey: problems transform into goals, ambitions drive progress, visions provide direction, sacrifices are made, and, ultimately, success brings the responsibility to mentor and empower others. This philosophy encapsulated Mr. Angeles’ leadership principles and the legacy he instilled in those who have worked alongside him. It reminds us that every problem is an opportunity, every goal is attainable, and every journey, despite its challenges, is worth pursuing.


The 75th birthday celebration of Aurelio O. Angeles was a day to remember, celebrating not just the man but also the enduring legacy of leadership, camaraderie, and excellence he embodies. It was a day of nostalgia, unity, and gratitude, and a reaffirmation of the remarkable journey that AOA has led Multi-Line and EverFirst on. Here’s to many more years of success, inspiration, and camaraderie under his guidance. 


Happy 75th birthday, AOA!

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