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His legacy, our heritage: Celebration of Rey Angeles’ 75th birthday

By Krizia Mae Oliva

On October 19, 2023, a significant celebration took place as family, friends, and colleagues gathered at Le Reve Pool and Events Venue in Quezon City to celebrate the 75th birthday of Mr. Rey Angeles. He turned 75 last October 18, 2023, and this special occasion was a testament of the impact he had on the lives of those around him.

The event commenced with a mass led by Fr. Bong Eloriaga, a close friend of Mr. Angeles. Emcees Edgardo Rivera and Louie Valenzuela, representing EverFirst and Multi-Line, then took the stage to continue the night. An audio-visual presentation that recorded the remarkable journey of the celebrant was presented as well.


Mr. Angeles’ life is a blessing to many individuals, especially to his children and grandchildren. His four children and children-in-law, namely Regina, Marco, Bernard, Aristeo, Duckee, and Charmaine, shared heartwarming messages, sharing the impact he had on their lives. Lorenzo and Kristina Angeles, who sent their greetings from Germany, also expressed their love for their father from far away.

Before the scrumptious meal was served, the guests engaged in a fun game of “Guess the Tune,” where they reminisced about the music of the 90s. The melodies from that period brought nostalgia to the guests. After the meal, Mr. Caloy Yturzaeta, a close friend of Mr. Angeles, delivered a heartfelt toast.


The highlight of the evening was the celebrant’s speech, titled “The Story of My Youth in the Songs of My Time.” Mr. Angeles amazingly shared his life story into the music of the 90s, a period that many in the audience can relate to. During his address, he shared some of the invaluable Enculturation Principles that have guided him throughout his life, such as paradigm shifting and finger pointing among many others.


After this remarkable speech, the Daddy Cool Band took the stage and played a celebratory tune that drew everyone to the dance floor and enjoyed the rest of the evening.


Mr. Angeles’ legacy is truly inspirational. His generosity, care and most importantly, his sincere desire to help others succeed have produced friends who reciprocate that same love and admiration for him. His impact over the 75 years of his life will not only remain in Multi-Line and EverFirst but will forever be felt in the lives he has touched. It is truly a privilege to know someone like Mr. Rey Angeles.


We wish you the happiest 75th birthday, Mr. Rey Angeles! The whole Multi-Line Group loves you. 

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