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Scriptum’s newest member

By Rina Cruz

Scriptum’s family is growing with a new addition from Multi-Line Structures Corporation (MSC). Her name is Alexandra Mae Cruz or simply Alex.

Alex is a CAD Operator in MSC. She graduated as Magna Cum Laude from Bulacan State University in July 2022 holding the degree of Bachelor of Industrial Technology Major in Drafting and Digital Graphics. She has been with the company for over a year now and continues to enjoy her work.


According to Alex, she has never been a part of their school paper nor was she active in extracurricular activities during her school days. Instead, she mentioned, “I was more focused on academics, and that’s how I exposed myself in writing thru essays. Though I am not that active during class and was known to be shy, writing essay made me express myself.”


Beyond her professional life, Alex has a deep passion for drawing. 

Stay tuned to witness Alex’s writing talent in the upcoming November 2023 issue.

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