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EverFirst’s emerging leaders

By Fauline Go

EverFirst Loans Corporation is proud to introduce its four newly appointed Branch Head OICs, namely Ms. Rhealyn Burawis for Navotas, Mr. Arvin Gonzales for Marilao, Ms. Patricia Joy Saldavia for Putatan, and Ms. Nica Jane Fresnido for Lipa.

Rhealyn Burawis joined the company on July 9, 2018 as Loan Processor of Pritil. After five years, she courageously accepted the challenge of becoming the Branch Head OIC of Malabon, and subsequently transferred to a larger branch in Navotas on September 5, 2023. She is directly reporting to Ms. Minerva Piga, the Area Supervisor and Ms. Josefina Evangelista, the District Manager.


Arvin Gonzales, as well, started as Loan Processor of Sta. Maria on January 9, 2018. With the experience and expertise he acquired, he then became the Branch Head OIC of Marilao. He is ready to lead his branch to success with the guidance of his Area Supervisor, Ms. Cecilia Ibarra, and his District Manager, Ms. Helen Actub.

While, Patricia Joy Saldavia, was hired on September 20, 2021 as Loan Processor of Biñan. After passing the exam and panel interview, her outstanding performance led to her appointment as the Branch Head OIC of Putatan. She is directly reporting to Ms. Armida Jatap, the Area Supervisor and Ms. Anweda Enoy, the District Manager.


Lastly, Nica Jane Fresnido, was recently employed on November 23, 2022, as Loan Processor of Calamba. Despite her relatively short tenure of just about a year with EverFirst, Fresnido displayed the confidence and determination to advance her career until she was successfully appointed as the new Branch Head OIC of Lipa. She is directly reporting to Mr. Marcelito Selda, the Area Supervisor, and Ms. Anweda Enoy, the District Manager.


When the new Branch Head OICs were asked about their goals, they shared:


“As a new Branch Head OIC, I want to establish and grow the presence of EverFirst Loans Corporation in Navotas by providing excellent customer service, developing strong relationships with the clients and implementing effective marketing strategies, such as online advertising, social media campaigns, and referral programs, to attract new customers and retain existing ones.” – Rhealyn Burawis


“My goal for the Marilao branch is, of course, to help more clients to address their needs through the services we offer them and boost their morale to continue living their lives. For us, EverFirst are always ready to give a helping hand. I also desire for the flourishment of the branch and to achieve the challenges given by the business. Being a Branch Head OIC is not easy but I assure you that I will always do my best together with my colleagues here in Marilao.” – Arvin Gonzales


As a Branch Head OIC of Putatan, my goal is not just to continue and maintain the standing of our branch but also to increase the branch performance. But my main goal is our goal, to serve our customer better, faster and at less cost. As an OIC, this is a challenge for me, because my responsibilities are not just my team and our customers but the whole branch itself. I need to step out of my comfort zone and step up my game to achieve our goal. And with the help of my team, my supervisors and managers, I believe that we can do it and we will do it.” – Patricia Joy Saldavia


Pinaka goal ko sa branch namin ay madagdagan ang client namin, kung mababawasan man dapat magkaroon ng kapalit.” – Nica Jane Fresnido


Being a leader is not an easy task; it requires integrity, courage, a vision combined with action, and problem-solving skills. However, for these four former Loan Processors, they are now prepared to embrace the challenge and work towards achieving their goals as the new Branch Head OICs of their respective branches.

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