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Noel Anthony Bustamante: New Audit Supervisor

By Kimberly Tianzon

Envisioning your people’s success and even surpassing yours, as their mentor, is one of the most selfless thing a leader can do for his people.

Mr. Noel Anthony Bustamante, a 34-year-old newly hired Audit Supervisor, aims for nothing but success for him and his people. He started working at Multi-Line last September 26, 2023


Bustamante is an alumna of Far Eastern University, Batch 2010.


Bustamante began working as an Audit Staff at one of the country’s largest company engaged in trading of goods on a wholesale and retail basis, year 2010. He then became an Audit Assistant from 2013 to 2015, and eventually a Junior Auditor from 2015 to 2019 of the same company. And before coming to Multi-Line, he worked as an Audit Supervisor for two and a half years at a privately owned corporation engaged in the distribution and sale of LPG products.

All in all, Bustamante spent 3 years as a staff, 2 years as an Assistant Auditor, 4 years as a Junior Auditor, and 2 and a half years as an Audit Supervisor. With this kind of background in Audit, no wonder Multi-Line has chosen him as its newest addition to the audit family.


When asked why he chose Multi-Line among others, Bustamante said that the company’s values somehow align with his own values while doing some research. Its work culture and environment is also one of the things that captured his attention while going through its pre-employment process.


Now that Bustamante is finally one with Multi-Line, he wanted to contribute to the company’s success. Under his guidance, he hopes that the Audit Department will play a vital role in the company’s growth. He also hopes his people to learn something from him, while also learning from his people.


As the new Audit Supervisor, Bustamante is aware that this position includes ensuring compliance with existing policies and procedures, identifying possible risks, checking if there are controls over those risks, and providing recommendations for any improvement.


Bustamante is overjoyed and excited on his new job, but at the same time anxious and pressured as it entails a much greater responsibility than any other job he has taken. However, through his great leadership and critical thinking skills, which he gained from his previous work experiences, he will certainly do well. Maybe even better.


Nobody but you, Sir Noel, perfectly fits the role of the new Audit Supervisor.


Multi-Line is so glad to have you. Welcome aboard!

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